2 thoughts on “God’s Favorite Podcast 001: …And he spoketh and said “Go and do thine podcast”

  1. Hey Josh and Dr Ed congratulations on y’alls 1st episode. I’ve been looking forward to this podcast in particular and I’m excited that it’s finally here! Dr Ed I wanted to address what you said about what we need to survive. You listed water, food, shelter and sex. I agree with all of what you listed except for sex. Is the sex necessity specific for married people or does that apply to us single Christian men and women as well. If that’s the case then I’ve been dead for a very very long time. I think oxygen is much more of a need than sex for sure! Thanks guys and the show sounds great!


  2. Hey P, thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback. We’ll address your question above in our next podcasting session.

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