God’s Favorite Podcast 019: Happy Halloween

This is how you know it's Halloween at Josh's House

This is how you know it’s Halloween at Josh’s House

Happy Halloween everybody! This is GFP’s version of a Halloween show. Host Dr Ed Hogan and Josh Stewart discuss their favorite Halloween traditions and ones they would like to avoid at all costs. They give a strong endorsement to hayrides and bonfires and give two thumbs down to bobbing for apples. In God in the News they discuss a story about Halloween being cancelled at a school for religious reasons, a militant atheist attacking a pastor and Oprah deciding who is and who is not an atheist. Enjoy the show and have fun this Halloween. Thanks for listening to God’s Favorite Podcast.

God In the News Stories

School Cancels Halloween

Militant Atheist Attacks Pastor

Oprah raises atheist dander

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