God’s Favorite Podcast 026: The Dream Weaver Cometh

High Five!

High Five!

Episode 26 of GFP is a dream come true. Dr Ed Hogan and Josh Stewart astound with tales of God in the News. Is God’s hand still at work in the creation of the universe? We think so, and we have pictures to prove it. Ed gives an update on The Path to the Cross Church. Do you go to church on a regular basis? Your less likely to break the law.


God in the News Stories

Religious Church goers less likely to break law

Hand of God

California teacher stops 1st grade student from talking about the Bible.





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God’s Favorite Podcast 025: The Debut of Producer Perry

Episode 25 of God’s Favorite Podcast is a special one. It marks the debut of Producer Perry. As GFP moves ahead with interaction and innovation, Perry will be helping ¬†with making GFP all it can be. Also in this episode, we have God in the News. With a story out of Dallas First Baptist about President Obama being the antichrist. Also an update on the OKC Satanic monument and the latest on the War on Poverty. We debut a new segment in which we analyze lyrics of songs with references to or about God. This episode’s song is “The Maker” performed by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. Of course there is lots of food and sports talk and much much more.

God In The News Stories

Obama paves way for the Antichrist.


Satanic Monument in Oklahoma City

Don't let the Devil get your goat OKC

Don’t let the Devil get your goat OKC

War on Poverty turns 50

Lyrical Breakdown of “The Maker”

God’s Favorite Podcast 023: Slow Carbs & Satanic Church Monuments


Episode 23 of GFP has a ton of range. Sports, Dieting, Hunting, Satanic Monuments. We also get an update on The Path to the Cross Church and start to look forward to next year for the podcast. Help support the show by telling a friend and by clicking through our Amazon link. We thank you in advance for listening and supporting God’s Favorite Podcast.

Ed mentioned his friends blog. Here is the link below.

Bruce Prescott Mainstream Baptist 

God’s Favorite Podcast 019: Happy Halloween

This is how you know it's Halloween at Josh's House

This is how you know it’s Halloween at Josh’s House

Happy Halloween everybody! This is GFP’s version of a Halloween show. Host Dr Ed Hogan and Josh Stewart discuss their favorite Halloween traditions and ones they would like to avoid at all costs. They give a strong endorsement to hayrides and bonfires and give two thumbs down to bobbing for apples. In God in the News they discuss a story about Halloween being cancelled at a school for religious reasons, a militant atheist attacking a pastor and Oprah deciding who is and who is not an atheist. Enjoy the show and have fun this Halloween. Thanks for listening to God’s Favorite Podcast.

God In the News Stories

School Cancels Halloween

Militant Atheist Attacks Pastor

Oprah raises atheist dander

Soul to Soul with Diana Nyad: “I’m an Atheist Who’s in Awe”

Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad says she considers herself a spiritual person and an atheist. Watch her eye-opening round of Soul to Soul.